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Wednesday 13 December 2023

The SBE Chapter 2 Christmas Party will be held on Wednesday December 13th at 6pm at Leggios in Plains PA. As of now we do not have a Speaker/Sponsor for the night.
This listing will be updated if something changes.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Our next meeting will be on Thursday October 5th at 1:00 PM at Leggios in Plains.

We will have a presentation by Frank Grundstein from Broadcast Electronics.

Frank Grundstein Bio
Working in broadcasting for over 50 years, I have been involved with most aspects of broadcast and audio engineering. I have been an operations engineer, maintenance engineer, chief engineer, recording studio engineer, video production/post-production facility manager, video computer animator, sales manager for one of the originators of networked audio platforms, and currently, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Broadcast Electronics. I hold a Master's Degree in Communications Systems from New York University and a BA in Philosophy from Hofstra University.


At NAB 2023 BE introduced an award winning new concept in Transmitter design. We call it Quick Block.

Quick Block is an innovative transmitter technology using Plug and Play modular "blocks". Introduced at NAB 2023 it won a "Best of Show" award. The blocks can be combined to create radio frequency equipment for broadcast use. Using the same modules, programmed and customized as needed, Radio transmitters or TV transmitters of different powers and formats can be created.

The first transmitter, introduced at NAB, is the Quick Block FM Transmitter. It is the first truly scalable transmitter architecture. From 1KW to 50KW all using the same modules, it is an EASY TO USE and PLUG & PLAY system that offers many benefits from a logistical, technological, maintenance, and operating cost point of view. It has been designed for maximum up-time, greater ease of maintenance, intrinsic redundancy, ease of finding parts, and ease of implementing technological updates.

Tuesday 25 April 2023

We will have our next Chapter 2 SBE Meeting on Tuesday April 25th at 1pm at Leggio's restaurant 1092 PA-315P Plains/Wilkes-Barre PA Look for Plaza 315 sign.
Scott Frybush of Northeast Radio Watch will do a Post-NAB Wrap Up Presentation..

"What You (Might Have) Missed at NAB, And More"

Fresh off the plane back from Las Vegas, Scott Fybush of Fybush Media will join us to review what he saw, heard (and ate?) at the NAB Show and its ancillary events.

You might know Scott best from his Tower Site Calendar or from his website, where he's been documenting the stories of broadcasters in the northeastern US and beyond for almost 30 years. You might not know all the other hats he wears these days. In addition to his on-air work at Rochester's NPR station, WXXI, he's also a radio station broker, a contract engineer for an ever-growing number of stations in upstate New York, a consulting engineer for FCC filings and... a stand-up comic on the side, too.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Our next meeting will be at 1 PM

David Kaszyci, CEO of BEAM Dynamics will be the presenter...

Presentation Title: "Finance has SAP. Sales has Salesforce. But what do engineers have?"

Brief Summary:

Despite the importance of maintaining uptime and extending equipment life cycles, most broadcast organizations simply rely on an array of spreadsheets to capture asset information in different ways across different documents, often stored in different places. Details frequently are incomplete or out of date. There is no single person or resource an engineer can turn to for reliable — and essential — information about the technology that drives their operations.

The Beam Asset Intelligence Platform brings a business solution to the broadcast industry that is dedicated for engineering teams, helping them to gain inventory visibility across the production environment, maximize uptime and minimize security risks.

Beam’s CEO and Co-Founder used to work for brands like Autoscript, Vinten, Anton Bauer, Lightpanels and LG and will talk about why he founded Beam and why he things asset management in broadcast operations can be dramatically improved.

Please find more information about Beam at or read this article from TV Technology.

About Us:

Beam is a new technology platform that links product-level data from hundreds of sources to broadcast & production technology assets, in the cloud. We have early rollouts with Hearst, NEP Group and Graham Media Group, with plans to roll out to other broadcast groups in early 2023.

Google Meet joining info:
Video Call link:

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Happy New Year! Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 17th, at 1 PM at the WBRE studios 62 S Franklin street in Wilkes-Barre. This meeting will be hosted by Don Francis and the folks at Ross. Ted Tramoloni will be the presenter. Please RSVP to Al Kornak ( so that he can get an idea of how much food Ross will need to provide.

The subject of the meeting will be "The Well-Equipped TD: Remote Production Switcher Panel/Frame Connectivity"

"Cloud" has become the latest buzzword sweeping the industry. Supporters of cloud services tout the benefits of replacing on-prem hardware with virtualized systems running on generic platforms housed in vast server farms...somewhere. But while cloud-based production does promise to one day reduce cost and complexity, the technology is still in its infancy and faces many developmental challenges. Meanwhile, many facilities, especially call-letter stations which already have a substantial inventory of on-prem hardware, have had to face the reality of remotely connecting existing control surfaces to hardware frames housed in a central tech core.

For this presentation, Tedd Tramaloni, North American Business Development Manager for Switchers and Severs at Ross Video, will use readily available, off-the-shelf resources to connect a local TouchDriveTM Control panel to a hardware frame housed in Ross Video's Ottawa demo facility. He will highlight some of the benefits and pitfalls of remote connectivity and discuss Engineering's role in addressing the needs of remote operators.

About Tedd Tramaloni

Tedd brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as North American Business Development Manager for Switchers and Servers. He has lived and worked in the New England area throughout his entire career, beginning with his first TV job at a PBS station in Binghamton, New York. His travels have taken him to stations in Buffalo, Hartford CT, Durham NH, and Boston MA, after which he enjoyed a long and successful career as a freelance Producer, Director, Editor, T.D., and Replay operator. He has also worked as a Demo Artist and Trainer for several prominent broadcast equipment manufacturers. He continues to make his home in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and travels extensively throughout North America spreading the "gospel according to Ross." He can be reached through Ross e-mail or on LinkedIn.

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