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Tuesday April 28, 2020

Hi All, We will have a short virtual meeting on Tuesday April 28th at 1PM
There will be no presentation but I'd like to test the ZOOM type meeting and join a Virtual Meeting with the folks up in NY State.

Below is the link to the Zoom Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 942 6152 9902
Password: 653098

Wednesday March 4, 2020

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday March 4th at 1PM at Perkins Restaruant on Route 315 in Pittston.

Anthony Klick from Cobalt Digital will be there and present on RIST, RIST is designed to reliably transport video over the Internet for any use case, but is typically used for professional media workflows such as news and sports contribution, remote production, affiliate distribution and primary distribution.

Wednesday February 5, 2020

The first SBE Chapter 2 meeting of 2020 is scheduled for Wednesday Feb 5th 1 PM at Perkins Restaruant on Route 315 in Pittston.

Burt Young and Martin Holmes from Rohde and Schwartz will be in town and have a presentation for us!

In the TV world of contribution and distribution to and from remote sources, satellite and dedicated fiber links have served our industry well. The use of these systems has shown that satellite and dedicated links are reliable, though inflexible and expensive to use requiring dedicated hardware like a satellite uplink truck or a special fiber connection to allow them to function.

Today, there is a growing movement to reduce costs by using IP contribution methods over unmanaged networks, most importantly the internet to deliver real-time media content sources. When media facilities hand off real time streams to a Studio Transmitter Link, a remote studio facility, or CDN for OTT delivery, packet loss and latency can cause considerable visual impairments across resulting deliverable manifests.

This presentation will attempt to address these requirements using low cost, unmanaged networks (internet) for reliable, real time, and secure transport of video, audio and metadata from point to point and multipoint internet access points with discussion of the techniques available and the types of issues encountered using a public/unmanaged network that we must resolve in order to achieve the result of seamless delivery of real-time media streams over the internet.

Martin Holmes is the North American Senior Business Development Manager for Rohde and Schwart

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September 13-16, 2020: NAB Radio Show, Nashville, TN

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