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Next Chapter 2 Meeting

Thursday December 19, 2019

Chapter II will hold the annual holiday meeting at the De Naples Center at the University of Scranton starting at 7 PM

As in past years, there will be the annual election of officers to be followed by the "Thanksgiving Feast" meal.

More details will follow.

Thursday November 21, 2019

Chapter II will hold its next meeting on Thursday, November 21, 2019. The meeting will be held at Perkins Restaurant, Route 315, Pittston Township, PA at 1:00 pm. Our guest presenter will be Mr. Ken Metcalf of Imagine Communications. Ken is the Director of Strategic and Regional Accounts for Imagine. Ken has over thirty years in the industry and ten years with Imagine, Ken will be offering an update on Video over IP. Ken will highlight the latest IP standards and how underlying technologies like software defined orchestration are helping Broadcasters and the Media & Entertainment industry evolve into the future.

This presentation will also provide an update on the SMPTE Standards for IP and recent efforts of the AMWA Group (Advanced Media Workflow Association) in IP based system interoperability in routing/switching and production applications.

Please add this time and date to your calendar so you do not forget to attend. While you are marking your calendar please note our annual Holiday Party is going to be on December 19, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Thursday October 3, 2019

Chapter II will hold its next meeting on Thursday, October 3, 2019. The meeting will be held at the WVIA Studios (100 WVIA Way, Pittston, PA). The meeting will start at 1:00 pm and lunch will be provided courtesy of JVC.

Please join us for the "Connected Cam" Roadshow 2019. Featuring JVC GYHC900 (2/3 inch sensor) and GYHC550 (1 inch sensor) "Connected Cam" Series of IP connected cameras and JVC Bonded LTE uplink system, which provides bi-directional VPN connection and full internet access. Our guest speaker will be our own Al Kornak of JVC.
For a preview, visit JVC Professional Video Streaming Solutons

Wednesday September 4th, 2019

Our next meeting will be on TODAY September 4, 2017 at 1:00 pm. The meeting will be held at Perkins Restaurant on Route 315 in Pittston Township.

There will not be a formal program however, Bob Reite will lead a discussion on the August 7th National EAS Test. We will use the meeting to discuss how the national EAS test went.

Lunch will be at your own expense and we hope everyone can make it to let us know how our station performed during the test. We hope you can join us.

Wednesday August 14th, 2019

Chapter II will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, August 14th at 6:00 pm. This will be a combined meeting of Chapter 1 (Binghamton, NY) and Chapter 2 (Northeastern Pennsylvania). The topic will be about exploring the benefits of the two chapters working together in the future.

Please not that this a PM meeting. The meeting will be held at Bingham's Restaurant in Kingsley, Pennsylvania. The official address is 7075, 6092 PA-92, Kingsley, PA. Dinner will be on your own off the menu.

Please mark your calendar so you will not forget to meet with your colleagues from southern New York.

Tuesday February 7, 2019

Chapter II of the Society of Broadcast Engineers will hold its next meeting On February 7 at 10:00 am. The meeting will be held at the WVIA Public Media Studios, 100 WVIA Way, Pittston, Pennsylvania. White and red pizza will be served for lunch.

Our guest presenter will me Mr. Fred Baumgartner. Fred is a Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, he is a fellow of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, a past trustee of the Ennes Foundation and Fellow of the Radio Club of America. Currently, he is the Director of Next Generation Broadcast Implementation for Sinclair Broadcasting.

Previously, he was Director of Broadcast Engineering for Qualcomm's MediaFLO project and directed Leitch/Harris' Systems Engineering group. Up to that time, he served as Director of Engineering for the Comcast Media Center in Denver, its Director of New Product Development through the center's AT&T ownership and Director of Broadcast Satellite Operations during its TCI ownership era. Before joining the satellite and cable origination world, Mr. Baumgartner held the position of Chief Engineer at KDVR-TV & KFCT-TV, Denver; WTTV-TV, WTTK-TV, Indianapolis; KHOW AM & FM, Denver; WIBA AM & FM, Madison, Wisconsin, operations manager at KWGN-TV, Denver; and others beginning with the overnight gig and a newly minted FCC 1st Class license at WBIZ AM & FM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1972. Baumgartner was also heavily involved with the development of EAS and authoring several hundred articles and a few books on Radio and TV engineering. He operates amateur radio station KØFMB; sometimes from a sailboat, skis or bicycle from both the “radio-ranch” in Colorado and an apartment Maryland.

Fred's presentation will be on the "NextGen" television also known as ATSC3. NextGen Broadcasting is both TV and radio as we know it -- and a major departure. NextGen is seemingly everything - mobile, OTT-OTA, Ultra High Definition, Digital Ad Insertion, radio and someday, maybe, virtual reality. Most important is that NextGen is "extensible." So flexible that all but a tiny piece can be reinvented and repurposed at will. From under the hood to the top-level business plans and opportunities that are beginning to redefine broadcasting; this presentation looks at how the pieces fit together and how ONEMedia and a consortium of broadcasters are reimagining and building out the next generation of broadcast.

This presentation will be approximately two and a half hours long appeal to anyone working in broadcasting no matter if you work in sales, traffic, development, news or engineering. The first half of the presentation will deal with the abilities of 3.0 and apply to the system. The second part will be geared to the engineering community. The future is closer than you think and this presentation is open to all who want to attend. Since lunch (Pizza) is being served, we do require an RSVP to so that we can be sure to have enough to feed everyone lunch. So, please join as we learn what the future of television holds!

Job Opening

The Philadelphia chapter of SMPTE as asked us to share this job opening for anyone who might be interested:
Rowan University Professional Service Specialist 3(AFT) (applications close Oct 4, 2019)

Chapter 2 Mailing List

SBE Chapter two has an announce only mailing list, which is used to notify members and guests of upcoming chapter two meetings. It is a low volume list, you will get notices of upcoming meetings a week or so in advance and the day before the meeting.

2019 Pennsylvania EAS RMT Schedule

Date Time Day/Night Sent via
January 17 9:05 AM Day EMnet
February 21 4:15 AM Night
March 21 9:15 AM Day EMnet
April 18 12:35 AM Night EMnet
May 16 10:05 AM Day EMnet
June 20 4:30 AM Night EMnet
July 18 10:15 AM Day EMnet
August 15 12:45 AM Night EMnet
September 19 10:30 AM Day EMnet
October 17 4:40 AM Night EMnet
November 21 10:45 AM Day EMnet
December 19 4:45 AM Night EMnet

Free Rides

Any retired member of SBE needing a ride to a meeting, please contact any current SBE officer.


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September 24-26, 2019: NAB Radio Show, Dallas, TX

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April 9, 2019 NAB Convention, Las Vegas NV CLOSED
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November 1-11, 2019 Local Chapters September 24, 2019

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